In today’s world, we see individualism as the only way. With competition everywhere, we want to do everything ourselves because that’s what we see around us, and that’s what we’ve been taught. That’s when it becomes an issue. It’s often hard for one person to achieve great things. Most of the time, it’s teams of exceptional people achieving things most of us couldn’t even imagine. It becomes clear that if we want to change the world, we must unite as this is the only way great things can be done.


Social Startup LYLI Network Even Better World


​We are an Ant Colony. By working together as a unified system, the ant colony is able to amplify its intelligence well beyond the capacity of any individual member of the group.


At the LYLI Network, we’ve realized that the way to change the world is through collective intelligence. With many talented people, each of whom is able to bring something new and original to the table, we can achieve much better and longer-lasting results. We’re like a machine, with each separate element being unique in its own way and performing a different task. If just one of those pieces goes missing, however, the result would be significantly different.

Social Startup LYLI Network Even Better World

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