The Bridge initiative was started to help Syrians affected by the war. It provides them with the assistance of all kinds, including legal help and physical protection. We also allow them to take back what they’ve lost, including but not limited to their civil, political, cultural, and social rights, which other nationals can freely enjoy every single day.



Resettlement is an example of unity. In order to help refugees, countries must cooperate to come up with the best solution suitable for everybody involved. By empowering those in need, we can help them become successful, changing not only their own lives but also those around them, and make an even better world.


There are more than 65 million displaced people around the world. Many of them suddenly woke up one day having to flee either by force or from fear for their lives. They often had only a couple of minutes to take everything they could carry. Some things, however, such as their house, school, job, and memories, had to stay.​ After crossing the border, they were faced with a new reality, which they had to get used to. Starting a new life is always hard, especially when you didn’t want to leave the previous one behind.

Social Startup LYLI Network Even Better World
Social Startup LYLI Network Even Better World

The Bridge will start, with some of the most talented minds taking part in the project.

Syrian Refugees - Jordan - Zaatar