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We are today facing two of the most shocking refugee crises of our time: the world’s largest refugee crisis since the Second World War as a result of the Syrian war, and the Mediterranean refugee and migrant crisis as a result of instability across the globe. We need to display compassion and commitment to human life and provide these refugees with a second chance.



Located near Porto, LYLI Eco-Campus is the place to welcome refugee families ready to rebuild their lives in their future host country. The eco campus is a temporary stopover, time to regain confidence and prepare for their new life.


The Eco-Campus provides appropriate learning materials and on-site tutors for the children:

- Get access to high quality learning with online courses, programs and degrees created by leading universities, business schools and specialist organisations. Future Learn Platform

- Languages Learning with Babbel : The comprehensive learning system combines effective education methods with state-of-the-art technology. 

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Casual Work Meeting

The integration of refugees remains challenging for national governments and local

administrations. One option that is under-utilised is entrepreneurship. Refugees face many barriers to business creation, including a lack of entrepreneurship skill and finance, difficulty navigating the regulatory environment, language barriers, difficulty securing a premise and building networks as well as particular legal restrictions related to refugee-status.


The immense statistic of more than 65 million people displaced around the world, overshadows the range of professional identities underneath: The world’s displaced people are engineers, shopkeepers, carpenters, doctors and teachers.

The more important database will be created to provide jobs to the adults.

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Middle Eastern Table


The Eco-Campus has communal spaces to promote a spirit of well-being: prepare the meals, organize events, a zoom room, a game room, a garden ...

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LYLI Eco-Campus

Much more than a team, it is an international family that is by their side. All administrative and legal procedures are taken care of.

The eco-campus is a sustainable and education-friendly environment where development is the number one priority.


Love Your Life International Network, this the meaning of LYLI, here is the promise we make.

The Youth & Emerging Adults community is welcome to come and help the team, meet the refugees and think they can join us to change the World with us. A special program for Brazilian students and Indian students will be created.

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