Eco-Campus is the headqarters of LYLI Portugal Foundation.

Located near Porto, It is the place to welcome refugee families ready to rebuild their lives in their future host country. The eco campus is a temporary stopover, time to regain confidence and prepare for their new life: each family is housed in a small modern house, children and parents benefit from language lessons, children can return to school in online while parents prepare their professional project: a job offered by a company or a business creation that will be financed by the LYLI foundation.


All administrative and legal procedures are taken care of. Much more than a team, it is an international family that is by their side.

The eco-campus is a sustainable and education-friendly environment where development is the number one priority. Love Your Life International Network, this the meaning of LYLI, here is the promise we make.

The Youth & Emerging Adults community is welcome to come and help the team, meet the refugees and think they can join us to change the World with us.

Another mission for LYLI Portugal Foundation: the program SMART Village as social and economic development of the surroundings.


Fund Raising


LYLI headquarters + houses + workshop + equipment


Team training + 12 months charges


Fundraising & bank fees